This week is National Childhood Injury Prevention Week, so we wanted to give you some ideas on precautions to take with your window treatments and tell you about alternative cordless options that can minimize window treatment safety issues with children.


If you already have window treatments with cords or prefer them to cordless options, here are some precautions to take to keep the cords out of reach of your children.

  1. To avoid your child grabbing the cord, you can tie a knot in the cord, use a clip, pin it up with a clothespin or use a big twist tie to secure the cord out of reach.
  2. Another precaution you can take is to cut the cords shorter and re-tie them to each other. Be sure to cut them high enough so that your child can’t reach them.
  3. If you want a window treatment with cords that is safer for your child, consider buying the continuous cord option. The continuous cord is a pulley-like system that keeps the cord taut, eliminating dangling cords.
  4. Lastly, you can cut the cord and purchase break-through safety tassels to attach to the end of the cord so that the device will break off when pressure is applied to it. To ensure safety, it is still best for the cords to be out of reach of your child.

Cordless Options

To minimize your safety risks drastically, you may want to consider the cordless window treatment options available. We have compiled some cordless options below for your consideration.

  1. Shutters

To avoid cords altogether, a favorable option is shutters. Shutters can be made from hardwood or polycore material and use tilt rods, clearview or shutter straps, and latches for operation.

  1. Draperies & Hardware

Another excellent cordless option is draperies and hardware. With these window treatments, there are a variety of options to choose from and they can be operated manually or motorized.

  1. Motorized Features

Lastly, if you choose a motorized window treatment you can manage the operation of your window covering through a hand-held remote transmitter or a mounted wall switch to allow for the maximum safety for your child.

With these precautionary ideas and cordless options, we hope that we have helped you know how to child proof your window treatments and keep your children safe for National Childhood Injury Prevention Week and for the future years to come. If you would like help picking the right option for your home, please contact us here.