Everything You Need to Know About the Nano Roll – the Coolest Roller Shades on the Market

nano roller shades

NOW INTRODUCING: the Nano Roll, the most modern roller shades available! We’re extremely proud to offer this sleek, sophisticated, and easy to use product, from our friends at Screen Innovations. The Nano Roll currently comes in 12 colors and three sizes, so we’re sure to find the right fit for your home. It’s also available in three motor types: magnetic rechargeable, 24v low-voltage, and AC power.


Here are a few key features of the Nano Roll: 


1. Wireless control interface: Enjoy the ease of a wireless connection? The Nano Roll can be controlled with Wifi or Bluetooth, so you can operate it totally cord-free! However, if you prefer the reliability of a wired connection, a directly wired control option is also available.


2.  Automation: Using an app, we can program your shades according to the astrological clock, or any other way you’d like! The app also allows you to control multiple shades at the same time, saving you time at the beginning and end of the day. Now, you can raise and lower your shades from anywhere in the house.


3. Voice control: The Nano Roll integrates with “smart home” programs such as Alexa and Google Home, so you can raise and lower them with just a voice command– perfect for when that pesky glare is blocking your view of the TV but you’re too comfortable to get up!


Need more convincing? Watch the video below to see for yourself!



See your Nano Roll options on the Screen Innovations website and when you’re ready to take your home to the next level with automated shades, give us a call at (512) 459-6561 for a free consultation!

A Breakdown of The 12 Types of Window Coverings on the Market Right Now!

different kinds of blinds

So you are in the market for new window blinds or shades, huh? When you’re starting out, all the options can feel very confusing and overwhelming. To help you, our experts have broken down the large variety of window coverings for you. We hope this article helps you get a clear idea of what you are looking for in your newest home addition.

cellular shades

1. Cellular Shades

These have 3D honeycomb-shaped cells that are filled with air and help insulate your home from outdoor temperature transfer. These are a great option for people looking for energy savings.

Alternating blinds

2. Layered Shades

Layered Shades feature a double layer of fabric that alternate between solid colored and opaque stripes. When the solid colored fabric aligns on both layers, the opaque fabric allows for light to be softly filtered through. These are a great option for people who desire a modern look. 

natural bamboo shades

3. Natural Shades

These are typically made of materials such as bamboo, reeds, jute, and grass. These earthy materials are woven together to give you a shade you can roll up and down to achieve your desired amount of light. Natural Shades are great for people looking to achieve a private and relaxing ambiance.

pleated shades

4. Pleated Shades

These window coverings feature crisp folds of fabric that layer perfectly when the shade is pulled up. These are available in a variety of pleat sizes and fabric colors or patterns, which is why we recommend these to folks looking for a sophisticated and fashionable option.

tan roller shades

5. Roller Shades

They offer the sleekest and most seamless appearance of all the options. These shades feature a single panel of fabric that rolls up discreetly into its own casing. Roller Shades are offered in a variety of light filter options and fabrics. We recommend these to homeowners that really enjoy the look of their home without window covers, but are looking for something that can provide temporary privacy because roller shades are nearly undetectable when they’re not being used. 

roman shades

6. Roman Shades

Roman Shades are made of fabric and come in a variety of light-filtering and fabric design options. When you desire more light, these shades fold up into large pleats creating a simple, yet dramatic look for your windows. 

sheer shades

7. Sheer Shades

From afar, sheer shades look very similar to traditional blinds, but they are actually made of solid-colored fabric that lay flat in between 2 layers of sheer fabric. These shades faintly filter light when the fabric in between lays flat and when the fabrics are turned vertically they provide complete privacy. These add a soft, delicate touch to any room.

solar shades

8. Solar Shades

These are almost identical to roller shades except they are made with fabrics that block UV rays from entering the room. We recommend these to anyone that has a resident in the home with sensitivity to UV rays.

roman shades

9. Roman Shade

Roman Shades are made of fabric and come in a variety of light-filtering and fabric design options. When you desire more light, these shades fold up into large pleats creating a simple, yet dramatic look for your windows. 

sliding panels

10. Sliding Panels

These are offered in solar, roller, natural, and even roman shade styles, but they are made to retract and extend horizontally, rather than vertically like the majority of shades do. We recommend these to people looking for a solution to a large balcony sliding door or a tall vertical window.   


11. Traditional Blinds

This tradition window covering comes in a variety of textures, colors, and materials. These are most often offered in materials such as wood, composite and faux wood, vinyl, and aluminum. 

green shutters

12. Shutters

Shutters provide a timeless, classical look to your home. Typically being offered in two materials, wood and composite wood, these are a more pricey window cover option, but they are definitely a great investment as they add value and warmth to your household.

Here at ABC Blind & Drapery, we offer all of these window covering solutions and can custom make fit them to any window. If you are in the market for blinds, you need the help of our experts! Give us a call for a free consultation! (512) 459-6561