Our Response to COVID-19

Our Coronavirus response

At ABC Blind & Drapery, the health of our employees and beautiful surrounding communities is a priority. We would first like to send our condolences to all those affected by the coronavirus. We are closely monitoring changes in the everchanging landscape of this global situation and are working wisely to ensure that we are protecting the health of all those in association with ABC Blind & Drapery.


We acknowledge the concern that some clients may have with allowing us into their home or visiting our office during this time, therefore, we are offering flexible solutions to cater to your needs. If you are noticing your home needs some change and begin debating new window coverings, we are happy to provide either an in-person or virtual consultation. If you choose to opt for a virtual consultation, we would like to assure you that our designers will still walk you through all our product options and we will mail you free swatches so you can sample your products of interest.


Additionally, our showroom is now open for walk-ins Monday – Friday, 10 am – 3 pm and from 9 am – 5 pm for blind repair drop-offs. Outside of these hours, the showroom is still available for design consultations by appointment only. At this time, we have also resumed in-home consultations and installations. Following the guidelines of the CDC and Government, we are taking the following precautions to ensure the safety of your home, ABC employees, and our community: 

  • Disposable gloves and shoe covers put on before each install.
  • Hand sanitizer before and after each appointment.
  • No handshaking. Maintaining personal distance.
  • In our showroom, we will only allow in 2 clients at a time.
  • Sanitation of our showroom and offices every hour.
  • For the safety of all – home-owners, home dwellers, and your ABC expert must all be wearing face coverings during the home visit. 
  • Our in-home appointment times will be exact. If you wish to make arrangements for your children, other home dwellers, or yourself to not be home during the installation process, ABC will be providing you with an exact appointment time and an estimate of how long the job will take to complete.

Under the guidance of our local government, we are opening our business in phases and we are so excited to continue bringing the best to your windows! We deeply appreciate your support and care, for not just ABC, but for the entire community during this time of uncertainty. We are honored to continue serving Austin and the surrounding areas. 

Thank you.

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The Best Exterior Window Coverings of 2020

solar shade

Are you looking for the perfect exterior window coverings for your home? With so many options on the market for outdoor shade, it should be easy to find one that covers all your needs such as your budget, privacy desires, blocking out the sun, blocking out the rain and more. There is so much information out there that it can be confusing and overwhelming for the average consumer to be confident in their choice. Whether you’re looking for a new set of covers or plan on replacing your old ones, we hope that this article will lead you to the right purchase.


Retractable Awnings awning and pool

Love the way your patio looks as is, but in need of some extra shade? Retractable awnings are a great investment that help protect outdoor furniture and surprisingly, indoor furniture as well. Over time, awnings can save you a lot of money due to the shade they provide to the interior of the house by blocking sunlight from penetrating windows. If you are already in love with the look of your patio, retractable awnings are perfect for you because they can roll up to be practically undetectable, leaving the look you love uninterrupted.


pergotenda cozy spot Exterior Roller Solar Screens

If you’re looking to protect your patio, porch, or your windows from heat and wind for an affordable price, exterior roller solar screens are the way to go. These coverings can be placed on the exterior of a patio area to provide you with shade outdoors or they can be installed directly over your windows for shade in your home. With up to 95% UV protection, you can protect yourself when you’re outdoors enjoying the hottest of summer days or protect the interior of your home from sun exposure. The majority of exterior roller screens are spring or remotely operated, making them conveniently easy to set up and retract.


Corradi Outdoor Living Spaces pergotenda

The Corradi Group designs and creates the most modern custom-made solutions for year-round enjoyment of the outdoors. Corradi provides the opportunity to transform outdoor land into elegant and welcoming hangout spots. From light and airy outdoor areas to more industrial style shaded spaces, Corradi is the best option for consumers who want to create an entirely new outdoor room in their backyard.    

window treatments External Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are similar to exterior roller solar screens in regard to protecting against sunlight and preventing overheating. What is different is that these exterior shades are that they are better suited for people who desire to block all sunlight from entering their home or a specific area, rather than people who desire a retractable solution for shade. Venetian blinds are flexible in terms of glare protection since they can control the density of daylight. They are normally fitted to windows with 100% UV ray block out and are motorized for convenience.

  Make an architectural statement and create the perfect outdoor environment with ABC Blind & Drapery. If you have any questions about outdoor shades and blinds, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Top Home Decor Trends for 2020


Your choice of home decor reflects your personal taste, from the style you pick to the colors you choose, a home is a representation of your personality. Our motto at ABC Blind & Drapery is to consider the possibilities, which means being prepared when our clients come across something they absolutely love. We’re continuously researching what’s new in the industry and what trends are expected to be big in the coming months. From our research, these are the top home decor trends for 2020 that we predict will only grow in popularity over the next year!



Geometric designs have been trending for a couple of years now, and they’re here to stay for yet another. If you’re looking to brighten the place up, then you can’t go wrong with geometric lighting such as mixed metals paired with glass fixtures. If you’re looking to make a bolder statement, then we suggest going with a strong geometric patterned accent piece like a bold window treatment or rug to make a splash in your space.



In this day and age, technology is rapidly advancing and working from home is becoming all that more attainable. Many companies are allowing employees to work from home a couple of days out of the week, while others are moving to remote work completely. This change in the workplace has opened up space for the new home decor trend of incorporating work and leisure.

Creating a home office that blends with the rest of your space while also being organized and clean enough for you to focus during the workday has become imperative. If you have the space for it, we recommend putting your home office near an area with a lot of natural light, and adding contemporary accents like a modern cream window treatment or the geometric lighting we mentioned above.



Whether you go for a modern white tile backsplash or a bright and eccentric Mexican tile backsplash, it’s sure to be a talking point when guests come over! Tile backsplashes are becoming increasingly popular, and there are endless options on how to decorate with them. No matter your style, you can find a beautiful tile backsplash that will quickly become a focal point in your home.



According to what people are searching on Pinterest, mindful decorating is becoming more and more popular. With people intentionally living in smaller spaces, minimalism with personality is becoming a must. People are having to be more mindful of what home decor they choose, while still ensuring that their space feels personal and homey. From natural light to incorporating plant life, there are many ways to update your home in a mindful way that will allow a calm and collected feeling in your space.

Whether you’re intentionally following the upcoming home decor trends for 2020 or just going with what fits your personal style, ABC Blind & Drapery has countless options of window treatments to fit your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Geometric patterns or tile backsplashes (or both), we’re ready to take on 2020!

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5 Smart Home Automation Ideas For Your Home

white curtains

While smart home automation technology has been around for a while, it’s more affordable than ever nowadays. Thanks to advancing technology, we can customize and control our home from the lighting to the window treatments to the security system. Whether this is the beginning of your process of upgrading to a smart home or you’re just trying to stay up-to-date with new options for automation, here’s a guide of our top 5 smart home automation ideas to make your home smarter.



With smart light bulbs, you are able to control the lights in your home with a smartphone app or smart hub. Not only do these LED-based have lower energy consumption which helps lower your electricity bill, but they can also allow you to set your lights to turn on when you wake up and off when you want to go to bed, as well as alter the color of the bulb. Here’s a look at some of this year’s best smart light bulbs options.

Another key smart home automation system we recommend is the use of exterior lights. These are definitely a basic in home security and also add a level of convenience. You have the option to have these lights turn off with the sunrise and on with the sunset, or to have a motion sensor so that they only come on when someone is near them – you can decide exactly when they turn on and off. Here’s a look at some of the best outdoor motion sensor lights.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With October being Fire Safety Month, we wanted to share the importance of having smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Over 400 people die a year in the US due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, and many people don’t realize how easy it is to prevent this. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will send notifications to your phone when it’s time for them to be replaced, and nowadays most of them are easy to install too. Here’s a look at some of the best smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on the market right now, don’t wait until it’s too late!


Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments offer your home an extra level of convenience, safety and lower energy consumption. Similar to automated lights, motorized window treatments can be scheduled to open when you wake up in the morning and close at the hottest parts of the day – protecting your furniture from the sun and helping regulate your air conditioner throughout the day so it doesn’t have to work as hard. Here’s a more in-depth look at the benefit of motorized window treatments.


Heating and Cooling

Smart thermostats are not only extremely convenient but are also a game-changer when it comes to energy efficiency. Smart thermostats automatically adjust the temperature to your ideal level of comfort, and you can easily adjust the temperature on your smartphone. These devices also track your energy usage and some devices even have an air quality monitor to alert you if the air quality is getting worse. Here’s a look at some of the top smart thermostats in 2019.



Last but definitely not least, there are many ways to upgrade the security in your home with smart devices. From installing a video doorbell so you can always know who is at your door to upgrading to smart door locks so you don’t have to get out of bed to lock the doors at night, there are endless options for upping your security in your home so you can sleep well at night knowing everyone in your home is safe. Here’s a look at some of the best smart security products on the market right now.

We hope this blog has helped you realize all of the ways to upgrade your home to be a smart home, and that there are many options out there for every budget. If you’re looking to upgrade to motorized window treatments, we’d love it if you considered the possibilities with us at ABC Blind & Drapery.

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4 Tips on Furnishing Your First House

tips to furnish your first home

Moving into your first house?

This is a big milestone and an exciting time in your life. On the other hand, having to furnish your house can be overwhelming and stressful, figuring out how you’re going to fill out all your space. Whether you’re coming into your new house with little to no furniture, we want to take off all the stress for you and give you tips on best practices you can implement when furnishing your own house.


Establish your style.


The style you choose for your house should ultimately resemble your personality. Are you an outdoors lover? Are you a perfectionist or have a minimalist style? Knowing your personal attributes will help you tap into what decor style you want to establish. If you’re still lost, you can use a Pinterest board of different images that inspire you or you can buy a piece of furniture that you like and style the rest of the room around that one piece.


Quality over quantity.


Don’t feel rushed that you have to fill out your house right away with as much furniture as you can. You should pace yourself and make sure you’re satisfied with what furniture you’re putting in your house whether it takes weeks or months. There’s no perfect method of filling your new house with furniture but having a clear process may help during this stressful time of your life. To make things easier, try focusing on the important furniture first such as your mattress, sofas and dining table.


Have a furniture planning budget.


One of the misconceptions most people have when it comes to furniture is the costs that add up. Moving into a new home with no furniture can be stressful on top of your other house payments so planning a budget for your furniture can make the process simpler and less stressful. One important rule you can follow when budgeting furniture is to budget around 10% to 50% of the total cost of your home. If your house is $300,000 then you want to have a budget of about $30,000 to $150,000. Other tips that are useful when planning your furniture budget is paying attention to any seasonal sales and using secondhand shops such as the Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Craigslist. 


Tie everything together with color. interior decor/ blinds and shades


One great way to tie your rooms together is through your use of color. If you already have your main pieces of furniture, such as sofas, you can coordinate your other matching materials through color and texture. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Here are some tips and tricks you can implement using color when furnishing your house:

  • Decorate from dark to light vertically
  • Use white in your kitchen to brighten the room
  • Use the 60-30-10 rule. 60% a dominant color, 30% secondary color, and 10% of an accent color
  • Contrast warm and cool colors
  • Limit your palette to three colors


At ABC Blind & Drapery, we offer many amazing products for homeowners to use when furnishing their first house! A house that speaks to your personality makes it feel that much more like home. If you have any additional comments or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us!

color trends for 2020

cabinet and frame

Are you curious about the color trends for 2020? Every year, paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Behr predict popular colors for the upcoming year. Sherwin Williams has released its color trends for 2020 in the form of five welcoming categories: Mantra, Play, Heart, Alive, Play and Haven. Design is anything but one size fits all, and these palettes appeal to people based on their personality. Below, we share window treatment ideas to compliment these five palettes, whether you’re a fan of Mantra, Play, Heart, Alive, Play and Haven!


If you’re drawn to the Mantra palette, then chances are you’re a fan of simple, yet elegant design. With colors like “Breathless” and “Misty”, this color palette glides from warm to cool tones creating the perfect combination of softly muted neutrals. For this minimalist, yet modern color palette we suggest a sleek window treatment such as roller shades. Roller shades are available in light filtering or room darkening options, offering you control of how much natural light you want to let into the space.


Inspired by Earth’s seasonal cycles, the Haven Palette gives the feeling of an oasis getaway. Haven features richly subtle shades of sea, sand, forest, and sky – offering an innate reminder that sometimes real beauty lies in the spaces outside. The perfect window treatment to match this palette is natural woven shades – giving your home the natural texture and beauty of the outdoors. Pair natural woven shades with some “Acacia Haze” colored cabinets and you’re sure to feel like you’re at a beautiful outdoor retreat all year round.


In the Alive Palette, nurturing neutrals are artfully arranged with rich blues and a deep, ripe olive, evoking a satisfying and rejuvenating sense of community and living well. With colors like “tassel” and “endless sea”, these colors are sure to create a happy, calm environment for you to enjoy. To match this palette, we suggest a sold pair of cellular shades, allowing you to maximize natural light while still protecting your furniture from harmful sun rays during the hottest parts of the day.


If you’re drawn to the Play Palette with colors like “Eros Pink” and “Aquarium” then chances are, you’re not afraid to make a statement. To make the space visually interesting, consider statement window treatments like boldly patterned Oceanside draperies paired with eclectic Gambol Gold decor. At ABC Blind & Drapery, we provide you with access to a professional designer that will help you choose a fabric that looks as if it was made with the Play Palette in mind.


On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Play Palette is the Heart Palette, with colors like “Original White” and “Diverse Beige” that create a relaxed, comfortable space. From silky earth tones to clove and soft coral, these colors are complemented by simple window treatments that blend with your decor, such as light and airy draperies or classic interior shutters.

At ABC Blind & Drapery, we encourage homeowners to consider the possibilities by learning about industry happenings like the color trends of 2020, because it’s nice to be informed when updating your home! A house that speaks to your personality makes it feel that much more like home. Whether you’re drawn to the Mantra, Heart, Alive, Play or Haven palette, we have products that are sure to speak to you.

2019 fall events in austin

austin mural

Fall is here, which means it’s cooling down and we’re all starting to consider leaving our houses again now that the 100-degree weather is coming to an end. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite 2019 fall events in Austin, so get outside and enjoy the nice weather and wonderful fall events Austin has to offer!

the halloween children’s concert from the austin symphony orchestra

Date: October 27th, 2019
Location: The Long Center for the Performing Arts

This exciting concert features frightfully fun symphonic music that is stimulating for young eyes and ears (ages 2–10). The entire family is invited to dress up in their favorite costume and enjoy “boo-tiful” music with their Austin Symphony Orchestra! The concert hall will be decorated from top to bottom to enhance your little one’s concert experience, so be sure to wear your costumes and bring your spooky Halloween attitude with you!

formula 1 united states grand prix

Date: November 1st – November 3rd, 2019
Location: Circuit of The Americas

The pinnacle of motorsports returns to Austin, Texas for a weekend-long celebration of speed and sound featuring electrifying performances from P!nk and Imagine Dragons. International drivers will be in Austin the first weekend of November to compete in the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of The Americas track. Get ready to enjoy a 3-day event full of racing, live music and much more!


Date: November 1st – November 10th, 2019
Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Head on down to New Braunfels, Texas to enjoy a boisterous and fun celebration of German culture! From good food and music to dancing and exciting carnival rides and games, there’s more than enough entertainment and loads of beer to help you celebrate Wurstfest.

a christmas affair

Date: November 20th – November 24th, 2019
Location: Palmer Events Center

Now in its 44th year, A Christmas Affair is a five-day holiday market that hosts over 200 retail merchants from across the country in this themed shopping extravaganza. This year’s theme, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, celebrates Christmas spent with loved ones and captures the anticipation of The Junior League of Austin’s first Christmas in its new home, The Community Impact Center.

turkey trot

Date: November 28th, 2019
Location: The Long Center

The Turkey Trot run, sponsored by Thundercloud Subs, is known for being the largest 5 mile run in Texas! What makes this event even more unique, is that it’s held every year on Thanksgiving morning with nearly 20,000 people participating each year. So put on your best running shoes, and hit the roads of downtown Austin to preemptively run off all that turkey and gravy you’re sure to eat later!

ballet austin’s “the nutcracker”

Date: December 7th – December 22nd, 2019
Location: Long Center for the Performing Arts

Start your holiday celebrations with an exciting trip to the Ballet Austin’s spectacular annual production of The Nutcracker! From its vibrant sets and costumes to the impressive cast of more than 200 dancers, this colorful winter classic brings families and friends together every year for the past 57 years to enjoy the world’s best-known ballet.

austin trail of lights

Date: December 10th – December 23rd, 2019
Location: Zilker Park

A classic Austin tradition in December – The Austin Trail of Lights is returning for its 55th year to Zilker Park! The annual Tree Lighting ceremony will be held in November, then the 5k fun run will kick off the spectacular season in early December. Plan your visit early and don’t forget to take a spin under the Zilker Tree!

We hope you have a wonderful time exploring all of these 2019 fall events in Austin. Happy Fall!

the importance of window covering safety

motorized flat roman shade

With October being designated National Window Covering Safety Month, we thought we’d dive into all the useful tips for keeping your children safe around corded window treatments as well as the different cordless options available to you.

cordless window treatments

In 2018, The Window Covering Manufacturers Association developed a new window covering safety standard that requires a majority of window covering products sold in the United States and Canada to be cordless or have inaccessible or short cords. They also urged any homeowner who has corded blinds to consider getting new, cordless ones.

So, we highly recommend you look at all of the window treatments in your home and check to make sure that none of them have long or harmful cords that could end up hurting your children. And if you do, it’s time to replace them with a safer, cordless option like one of the many options below!


Custom draperies and curtains can be created for virtually any window application. Whether traditional or ultra-modern, straight or curved, customized drapery solutions begin with your unique ideas and leverage choices from over 20 lines of fabric, trims, and hardware.

Cordless Operation Options: Manual or motorized


Interior shutters provide attractive and long-lasting protection from the Texas sun, as well as durability in moist environments such as bathrooms. Exterior shutters add character and interest to the outside of your home.

Cordless Operation Options: Tilt rod, clearview or shutter strap, and latches for exterior shutters.

roman shades

Roman shades combine the soft elegance of draperies with the practicality of a roller shade. When lowered, Roman shades transmit a soft glow from the outside light source while ensuring privacy.

Cordless Operation Options: Motorized, top-down, bottom-up, or cordless.

roller shades

Roller shades are easy to operate, dependable and stylish. They come in an almost unlimited combination of decorative options that allow you to personalize your shades to reflect your unique style.

Cordless Operation Option: Cordless

natural woven shades

Woven woods allow you to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Woven shades come in a broad selection of unique patterns and styles reflecting the masterful design and varieties in the natural world.

Cordless Operation Options: Top-down, bottom-up, cordless, manual and motorized.

cellular shades

Cellular shades are an excellent choice for thermal protection because they maximize the window view when open. They’re an excellent choice for odd-shaped windows and for mounting inside a window frame; light filtering or room darkening.

Cordless Operation Options: Manual or motorized

tips for window covering safety

If you are unable to replace your current corded window treatments at the moment, here are some tips for window covering safety to take into account until you are able to purchase cordless treatments.

Be sure to move all cribs, beds, toys, and furniture away from window treatment cords, whether that is to a different wall or to the center of the room.

Ensure that all cords are pulled as short as possible, and out of reach of the children. If the cord is floor-length, we suggest adding a hook to the wall to hang the cord, so it is out of your child’s reach.

It is recommended that all continuous-loop cords on draperies or blinds are anchored to the floor.

If you have any questions about our cordless window treatment options and how they operate, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you transition from corded window treatments to a safer, cordless option.

fall decor ideas for 2019

natural woven grass shades

While the Texas heat makes it hard to get excited about fall and the beautiful weather that (will one day) come with it, it’s still good to have a change of scenery and decor with each season. You don’t necessarily have to commit to fall and harvest decorations like pumpkins or wreaths when fall rolls around, but changing and upgrading some details and accents can be the perfect way to transition your interior decor from summer to fall. Here are the fall decor ideas for 2019 that we think embody the signs of the season and have a longer life than the typical additions!

mantelpiece arrangements

Creating a fall mantelpiece arrangement can be an easy and affordable way to decorate for fall. Using earth tones and foliage decor such as warm-colored faux flowers in burnt orange or red accents can help you easily transition this arrangement from fall to winter as well. If you’re a fan of decorating with pumpkins, you can easily place the cute mini pumpkins on the mantel and take them off come winter!

If you prefer neutral tones, we recommend decorating with the off white pumpkins and placing wheat decor around for a touch of texture in a classy, but not overly flashy way. If you’re looking for ideas, Midwest Living shares 28 cute ways to decorate your mantelpiece for fall!

throws & blankets

One of the more simple and affordable fall decor ideas for 2019 we suggest is to upgrade your throw pillows and blankets around the home. Faux fur is the perfect way to cozy up your home for fall, without having to make any drastic changes. You can also choose warmer colored pillows and blankets such as a burnt orange or rust variety, as well as some of the warmer yellows, like mustard or honey-colored throws and pillows. If you’re struggling for ideas, Pinterest is always a great place to get the creative juices flowing!

warmer window treatments

A great way to transition from summer to fall is by updating your window treatments from a light and airy summer treatment to a warmer fall treatment. One great fall option is to upgrade to a warmer drapery or curtain, that is thicker and cozier for the fall season. Not only will this be perfect with the weather cooling down, but it’ll also be great all through winter as well. If you want a slightly lighter option, we also recommend layering your window treatments. Layered window treatments add more depth and texture to a room, and if you get tired of having two treatments you could always separate them – for example, using the drapery during the fall and winter and the roller shades during the spring and summer. Layered window treatments give you more flexibility and options throughout the year!

mixed metals

Mixed metals are always a popular decor item to pair with the warmer tones of fall. Whether it’s placing rustic tin buckets around the home to hold your extra throw blankets or magazines, or mixing in a warmer metal such as copper or brass into your mantelpiece arrangement, you can’t go wrong with some mixed metal accents around the home this fall.

reclaimed wood

If you’re a fan of the rustic + warm decor style during the fall, then you definitely don’t want to miss the reclaimed wood trend. Reclaimed wood is a great way to bring the fall spirit into your home, giving it that cozy, “sit by the fireplace with a cup of tea” feeling. Some reclaimed wood decor ideas can be as permanent as installing open shelving in your home or something seasonal like using a reclaimed wooden window frame to hang your festive fall wreath on, similar to these cute ones shown on Pinterest!

Now that we’ve suggested some fun fall decor ideas that embody the season, it’s time to get to decorating! If you’re in the market for warmer window treatments, we’d be happy to help you create the look you want. Reach out to learn more about our fall window treatment options!

how to layer your window treatments

shades and curtains

With so many window treatments to choose from, how can you be expected to choose just one? From draperies to shades to blinds, there are many ways to layer your window treatments that will add depth and personality to your space as well as insulation and light filtering. We’ve shared three steps on how to layer your window treatments!

pick a base treatment

To start, you’ll want to pick your base window treatment. Ask yourself – do you want the finished product to come across as a formal or casual look? If you’re looking for a formal window treatment, we suggest going with something like draperies with a decorative valance or Tableaux Decorative Grilles with a sleek pair of curtains. If you prefer a more casual look, a good choice for you could be natural shades or cellular shades. Roller shades are also a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile window treatment that can be dressed up or down based on what layered treatment you choose to pair with them.

choose a layer

The next step to layering your window treatments is choosing the second window covering you want to layer over the base treatment. There are endless options here – from plush velvet draperies to flowy sheer curtains. An addition of a decorative valance and draperies can help make your treatment more formal, while the sheer curtains will help lighten up your space. If you went with a solid base window treatment, you could always add some color and liveliness to the space by choosing a patterned treatment to layer on top!

hang the window treatments

Last but not least, once you’ve picked your base and layered treatment, it’s time to hang the window treatments together. If you’re looking for a finished look, we suggest floor-length window treatments. Also, keep in mind if you’re wanting the window treatments to make your space feel larger than it’s important that you hang them higher than the top of the window, closer to the ceiling so that the window appears larger than it is.

Now that you know exactly how to layer your window treatments, it’s time to get designing! If you’re looking for someone who specializes in custom window treatments and installation, we’d love it if you’d considered us at ABC Blind & Drapery.