2019 Spring Events in Austin

Spring has sprung!! Do you know what that means? It’s time to shake off those winter blues and refresh your social life with these six awesome spring events in Austin! Movies in the Park Dates: Select Dates from March-November We shared this event last year as well but it’s too good to pass up, Movies… Read More >

Upcoming Home Trends for 2018

Our choice of home decor reflects our personal taste, from the style we pick to the colors we choose, a home is a representation of our personality. Our motto at ABC Blind & Drapery is to consider the possibilities, which means being prepared when our clients come across something they absolutely love. We’re continuously researching… Read More >

When to Use Motorized Window Treatments

When figuring out the right window treatment to install, it can be hard to know which one is best for you and why. At ABC Blind & Drapery, one of our goals is to help inform our customers about different treatments and the benefits of each one. For this reason, we have gathered useful information… Read More >

Spotlight on Ronald McDonald House Austin

As a company, we at ABC Blind & Drapery, feel it is important to give back to our community as well as bring awareness to different charities that are out there doing good for the world. Since we just recently finished installing roller shades in the Ronald McDonald House, we thought we’d tell you more… Read More >

Window Treatments for a Kitchen Window Located Above the Sink

Finding the right window treatments for your house can be hard, especially when you are trying to find something for an odd shaped or placed window, such as the window located above your kitchen sink. At ABC Blind and Drapery, we have experienced consultants who are here to help you find the perfect window treatment… Read More >

Does that Come With the House?

Buying a home can be an exciting, yet stressful time. As you walk through perfectly staged spaces alongside your realtor, you may start to wonder if the custom-fit wood blinds you’ve fallen in love with are at risk of disappearing. Fortunately, Texas has standardized contracts to clarify which features actually come with the home if… Read More >

3 Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Window treatments aren’t typically thought of as being technologically advanced, but they can be with ABC Blind and Drapery! As your family opts for high-tech features in your home, such as a smart thermostat to conserve energy and sync to your lifestyle, keep in mind that we offer motorized window treatments that can also increase… Read More >

Window Treatments — Travel Edition

It’s common practice to draw home decor inspiration from the places you visit. Besides bringing back souvenirs to place around the home that remind us of a particular trip, we thought of a few ways to make your home feel like a vacation destination year-round! The Beach Whether you’re outfitting a summer beach home, or wanting to… Read More >

Outfitting A Commercial Space

At ABC Blind and Drapery, we provide window treatments for both residential and commercial spaces. While homeowners do love to browse all of our fabrics and fun pattern options, commercial designers typically prioritize their needs a bit differently. When outfitting a commercial property, the purpose of the space is one of the first things we… Read More >

The Versatility of Tableaux Decorative Grilles

The most exciting part of furnishing and decorating a home is allowing your creativity to come to life. Your decor should be a representation of your personality and your style. Austinites continue to visit ABC Blind & Drapery because they know it will spark new ideas and introduce options that they hadn’t thought of before…. Read More >