Prepare Your Windows for the Holidays

window seat up for the holidays

The holidays have arrived and that means decorating your space for guests and for your own entertainment. Your windows can easily be forgotten with all the kitchen, living room, and outside decorations. The reality is that you can create a great holiday ambiance with your windows with a little TLC. Here is the ABC way of preparing your windows for the holiday season!


First off, clean those windows!


The first and most important step is making sure your windows are clean. When your windows are nice and squeaky clean, they can help emphasize the lights both in and outside a home. For the inside windows, ABC recommends household cleaners like vinegar or a store-bought cleaner. For the outside, you may need to give them an extra push by washing off all the outdoor dust and strains that stick on the glass. After your windows are back to shiny new, it’s time for the next step.


Update your drapes and blinds!


It’s time to put away the oranges and violet shaded drapes and switch them out for the reds, greens, golds, grays or even blues. The right colored drapes will help enhance not only the windows but the look and feel of your whole decorations. If you have drapes that stand out like a sore thumb, your whole indoor aesthetic won’t be complete. Get the right drapes that match your holiday decorations with ABC! After you’ve changed out the drapes, the next step is the fun part. 


Time to Decorate for the Holidays!


Take out those lights, garlands, window stickies, and any other decorations that you want people to see from the windows! The combination of decorations and drapes will really help frame your windows on the outside and inside. Holiday-colored lights, garlands, and curtains are great for framing a window, while stickies are fun for the kids to put on and give a family feel. Place battery-powered candles on the window sills or incorporate a Christmas tree for all to see. However you decorate, we know it’ll be sure to set the mood for the holiday month (or months).


Get in the Fall Mood With our Fall Mood Board

ABC's Blind & Drapery Fall Mood Board

Fall lasts until December 21st, so why not make the most of it? Most of you might have already started decorating, but we know some of you may be still looking for new ideas. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or you just want some inspiration, ABC is here to turn the gears in your noggin.


Fall in Love With Colors


The word of the day is Earth. You’ll want to bring more earthy-toned colors to your space. Think browns and beiges with ranges of oranges, hints of reds and even some green. All these colors make everyone think of fall and more importantly, think of cozying up for the season. Just walk outside in the crisp air, what colors pop out at you? Go from there!


Fallow these Decor Elements


Some common themes you’ll find in fall decor are pumpkins. Not just regular everyday pumpkins, but different sized and colored pumpkins. Pumpkins are great fall decor, but they aren’t the only vegetable you can decorate your home with. Squash in general is a great decor to have for the fall season. Squash represents harvest and is great to have around the house. You can also flourish your home with orange and red flowers, fake or real, mono-toned flowers will make your space pop. And don’t forget the pillows! Whether it says “Happy Fall” or it’s a subtle beige colored pillow, changing out your pillows can really tie up your living room and bedroom in a nice bow. 


Switch up Bedding, Drapes, Curtains


Fall is a great time to switch up your bedding, drapes and curtains for the new season. And, if you plan it right, you can make it work for winter as well! For the bedding, we recommend staying with browns OR go a little more bold with buffalo checkered patterns. Both styles will hold for fall and winter. For drapes and curtains, we recommend staying in the red realm. With hints of red everywhere, red drapes or curtains, you will pull everything together. Bonus, you’ll also be able to use it again for winter. If you need help getting a certain pattern or color for your bedding, drapes, or curtains, ABC is here to help you. 


Are You Ready?


It’s easy to get fall style in your home without having to completely redecorate. Window treatments are a great place to start. Curtains and drapes really draw in a room, and by simply changing up the color, you’ll have a whole mood change. Get started today with a free consultation with us today.  


Get Your Windows Ready for Halloween

Get your windows Halloween ready

It’s that time of the year again, where we put away our summer decorations and bring out all things spooky. As people start to decorate their homes, we have to ask the question, how are you decorating your windows this year? Windows are usually thought of last when decorating, but let it be known that a great decorated window can boost your decorating rating from a 10 to a solid 20. Here are some fun Halloween decorations we recommend for your windows this year.


Dust off the Cobwebs and Skeletons

skeleton and cobweb Halloween decorations

Cobwebs and skeletons, a classic pair that can really spruce up your windows for Halloween. Create a cobweb illusion by spreading them all over your windows or on the sides of your windows. Then grab some different sized skeletons to place on your window sill. You can make the skeletons scary or funny. Either way, you’ll look like a house that hasn’t been dusted in ages!


Pick up a Creepy Doll or Two

creepy dolls in windows

If you really want to scare the neighborhood, grab some creepy-looking dolls. With stories about Annabelle and Robert the Doll, you can’t go wrong! Place one huge doll, or a few small dolls, around the windows. You can use a background for them or simply place them in the window. Make it as creepy as you want. 


Carve out Some Jack-o-Lanterns and add Bats

jack-o-lanterns and bats in the window

Jack-o-lanterns and bats are classic Halloween decorations and are great to display on your windows. Place your Jack’s inside or outside and create different faces for each. Then grab some bats, or make your own, and stick them on the window for an ageless window appearance. This is also a great window idea for both the spooky and the spoopy. 


Put Some Ghosts in their Place

spooky ghosts in the windows

Whether it’s small ghosts that stick on your glass or bigger ghosts that hang from the windows, ghosts are always a must. Place ghosts all around your window, with light cobwebs sticking around. You might also want to use purple, green or orange lights to make them take effect. 


Got some Ideas?


Now that you have some ideas, go forth and conquer Halloween! In need of some more permanent window decor options? Let ABC help you today! We specialize in everything from decorating your windows to creating bedding and patios exactly how you picture it. 


How to Take Care of Your Antique Furniture

antique furniture

We have seen an uptick in homeowners having a fun or unique antique piece in their home. These furniture pieces often bring a sense of boldness to your kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. While we love these pieces and appreciate their authenticity, we also need to make sure we know how to take care of our antiques. Unlike their new-age counterpart, antique furniture needs a little more TLC. Here are our tips for taking care of your antique furniture. 




Dusting. We hate it, but we do it anyways. Your antique furniture needs dusting just as much as your regular furniture, just tweaked a bit. With your antiques, you want to make sure you’re dusting regularly with a soft brush. Some folks like to wet dust, but your older furniture won’t like that and it can cause damage, especially on wood finishes. 


Wax Polishing


Waxing with a good quality beeswax polish brings out the color of the wood and protects your furniture at the same time. Just put a small amount of polish on a soft cloth and rub the piece on the cloth. Rubbing is important because it helps evaporate any solvent. Then polish with a clean duster. Unlike dusting, we recommend waxing once every few months. Too much wax can cause dullness and absorb dust. 


Pro Tip: We know you’re busy, but we do recommend waxing during the night. The wax needs at least 5 hours to nourish, so leaving the wax overnight allows for no unexpected interruptions to the furniture from pets and children. 




Besides cleaning, your furnitures’ environment is a key factor in its life expectancy. When your furniture is in the sunlight and humidity, wood, fabric and leather can become warped and faded. If your antique furniture needs to be near a window, consider purchasing roller shades or thicker blinds to cut out the rays without compromising the natural lighting.  


The room where your antiques sit should also be kept at a constant temperature and well-aired. Avoid damp and heavily humid rooms. 


Last Thoughts


When it comes to our antique furniture, we want to make sure it lasts for years to come and not become that old, rundown piece of furniture in the room. Clean regularly, make a schedule to wax and polish and check on your furniture to see if the environment is affecting the color or shape. If you do have a furniture piece that’s seen better days, ABC can help you today! Besides customizing shades, blinds and bedding, we also restore furniture to look good as new. 



5 Mid-Century Modern Design Ideas

Mid-Century Modern Wood finishings

The Mid-Century Modern trend is climbing high on every design list. People love the emphasis on function and form. The style is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. You can also switch this design from bright and fun, to dark and sleek. With a Mid-Century Modern design, everyone can get what they want. While you’re looking to reinvigorate your space, here are 5 Mid-Century Modern designs we recommend. 


Wood Furnishings


Mid-Century Modern Wood finishings


No Mid-Century Modern home is complete without some wood furnishings. Not everything needs to be wood, but maybe a clean-lined coffee table, picture frames and wooden blinds. This style is all about embracing the natural feel, so wood is essential. 


Texture Blend


Mid-Century Modern texture mixture


This trend really taps into your creativity. Mix and match textures of your decor and furniture to create a visually appealing space. If you look at the picture above, you’ll see the leather couch, mixed with wood, and crown molding. Have a color palette in mind when picking out your decor to keep your design from overwhelming.


Pop of Pattern 


pop of pattern


Add interest to any room with a nice color scheme and blend of pattern! Think oversized floral print on a custom bedding piece or a feature wallpaper design. This creates fun and adds a pinch of uniqueness. 


Touches of Retro Fabrics and Accessories


Mid-Century Modern kitchen


Mid-Century modern takes the modern in one hand and cherishes the retro and vintage in the other. You can achieve this by adding a retro lamp shade, maybe some 1920’s pillows on your couch or a groovy custom curtain pattern. The trick is not going overboard. You want to take pieces of grandma’s house, you don’t want to live there. 


Storage System


open storage in kitchen


Mid-Century designs are created with practicality and functionality in mind. You’ll see this with open shelving, cabinet and drawer designs. It’s easy to access and shows off your beautiful and quirky dinnerware. 


These are just a few designs we recommend to achieve your Mid-Century Modern look. If you need help with those unique touches to round out your design, ABC Blind & Drapery is here for you let’s get designing and customizing!


Benefits of Solar Screens

Solar Screens

Solar screens may not be the first thing you think of when figuring out what to do with your home, but they might be after you read this. Studies show solar screens, both indoor and outdoor, are the most cost-effective way of controlling heat entering through your windows. For sun-facing windows, large windowed homes, and homes with many windows, solar screens are a lifesaver for you.


Besides controlling heat, they also alleviate stress on your air conditioner and require less maintenance. Solar screens do this by blocking out UV rays that transmit heat through your windows. Need we say more? 


Here are all the benefits from ABC’s exterior and interior solar screens:


  • Have up to 10% UV blockage
  • Saves up to 35% on air conditioning consumption
  • Reduces household temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees
  • Flame and fade resistant
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Protects against fading of your drapes, rugs, and carpets
  • Custom-fit for your windows
  • Add enhanced value to your home
  • Feels 15% cooler in your home
  • Custom colors to match the exterior or interior of your home
  • Reduces glare in rooms with reflective services i.e. TVs & picture frames
  • Ability to motorize your shades instead of manual


Give your home or business a sleek and modern look while saving money by lowering your energy bills. Ready to feel cool before the heatwave? Let’s get started!


Create Your Outdoor Oasis with ABC Blind & Drapery

Outdoor Oasis

Summer will be here before you know it! If you’re thinking about building that backyard oasis that you’ve been putting off, let 2021 be your year. When building your dream backyard, there are a few things to consider and ABC Blind & Drapery is here to help you get started.


Give Yourself Privacy

You want to have the luxury of escaping into your own world without worrying about anyone seeing you zen out. To help you achieve this level of relaxation, you’ll need to think about your privacy. High fences, green hedges and even outdoor screens all help with adding a layer of privacy to your yard. Also, consider adding custom Corradi outdoor blinds, outdoor custom curtains or even solar shades to your patio space.


Landscape Your Way

Landscaping is essential when thinking about building an outdoor oasis, just beyond your back door. Your landscape should reflect your wants and your needs. For instance, someone without a dog might want a bigger pool and less grass, while someone with a dog most likely wants a yard that has room for their pup to run and play.


Block the Sun

We all like the sun for giving us vitamin D and lighting our day, but sometimes there’s just too much sunshine in the Texas summer. To negate the sun, consider a retractable awning over your patio or deck. Awnings are a great way to help protect your outside furniture and to give you great shade while you’re enjoying the summer breeze. ABC awnings come in both traditional or easy motorized options. Wind and sun sensors can be added to not only protect you from the sun, but also your investments while you’re not home. 


Give Your Yard Some Light

Adding lights to any backyard is always a good idea. Whether it’s tiki torches, outdoor string lights or uplighting fixtures, you’ll want some light to take your fun backyard BBQ into a relaxing evening outdoors. 


Customize Your Oasis

It’s your outdoor oasis, so personalize it! Think of colors, furniture and all the fun decorations. Finding, or creating, those perfect pieces for your outdoor paradise can be tricky but ABC Blind & Drapery is partnered with Corradi Outdoor Living Spaces to help you completely customize the backyard furniture of your dreams. From shape, material, finish and fabric, the choice is yours! 


Keeping all these things in mind will help you create a beautiful outdoor oasis to enjoy all summer, and year, long! Take the first step and schedule your free consultation with ABC Blind & Drapery today.