4 Modern Drape Trends of 2021

Modern drape trends

We’re eight months into 2021, and we’re seeing some great drape trends coming out of this year when it comes to drapes. From earthy color tones to exotic patterns, the drapes coming out this year are down to earth and create a great ambiance. Here are some of the styles that have set the window dressing tone for 2021.


Earth Toned Colors

modern drapes

From off whites, to creams and stony greys, we have seen a rise in want for these colors. They’re comforting, welcoming and they fit in with a multitude of schemes. Whether your room is traditional or mid-century modern, earthy colors fit every decor style. They also complement bold, statement wall colors or pieces.


Nature-Inspired Patterns

nature drapes

Biophilic is all the buzz in 2021. Biophilic means creating a home connected to nature. Besides filling our homes with real plants, fake plants, and palm tree-leafed pillow patterns, people are wanting nature patterned drapes to match. Since windows are nearest the outside, it makes sense for this 2021 trend. 


Bold Statements

yellow curtains

The opposite of earth-toned, people on the other side of the interior design spectrum are looking for bold colored curtains or drapes to define their earth-toned paint.  Some bold drapes we’re seeing are blues, yellows, and greens. These colors scream classy and bold in whatever room you decide to hang these drapes in. 


Layered Sheer Look

layered drapes

Trendsetters out there have gone back to pairing sheer curtains with thick drapes. Not only does this enhance the look of a room, but adds decor as well as privacy. The thick drapes can open up, while the sheer curtains can keep cover and still bring in all that natural light. You get the best of both worlds. Then you can close the drapes at night to add privacy plus insulation. This layered sheer look adds style and function to your home


These are four modern drapes trends of 2021. Have any of these looks? Share with us on social by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Want to get your hands on the latest drape trends? ABC is here to help you customize your home and your style. Start your free consultation with us today!