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ABC's Blind & Drapery Fall Mood Board

Fall lasts until December 21st, so why not make the most of it? Most of you might have already started decorating, but we know some of you may be still looking for new ideas. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or you just want some inspiration, ABC is here to turn the gears in your noggin.


Fall in Love With Colors


The word of the day is Earth. You’ll want to bring more earthy-toned colors to your space. Think browns and beiges with ranges of oranges, hints of reds and even some green. All these colors make everyone think of fall and more importantly, think of cozying up for the season. Just walk outside in the crisp air, what colors pop out at you? Go from there!


Fallow these Decor Elements


Some common themes you’ll find in fall decor are pumpkins. Not just regular everyday pumpkins, but different sized and colored pumpkins. Pumpkins are great fall decor, but they aren’t the only vegetable you can decorate your home with. Squash in general is a great decor to have for the fall season. Squash represents harvest and is great to have around the house. You can also flourish your home with orange and red flowers, fake or real, mono-toned flowers will make your space pop. And don’t forget the pillows! Whether it says “Happy Fall” or it’s a subtle beige colored pillow, changing out your pillows can really tie up your living room and bedroom in a nice bow. 


Switch up Bedding, Drapes, Curtains


Fall is a great time to switch up your bedding, drapes and curtains for the new season. And, if you plan it right, you can make it work for winter as well! For the bedding, we recommend staying with browns OR go a little more bold with buffalo checkered patterns. Both styles will hold for fall and winter. For drapes and curtains, we recommend staying in the red realm. With hints of red everywhere, red drapes or curtains, you will pull everything together. Bonus, you’ll also be able to use it again for winter. If you need help getting a certain pattern or color for your bedding, drapes, or curtains, ABC is here to help you. 


Are You Ready?


It’s easy to get fall style in your home without having to completely redecorate. Window treatments are a great place to start. Curtains and drapes really draw in a room, and by simply changing up the color, you’ll have a whole mood change. Get started today with a free consultation with us today.  


Get Your Windows Ready for Halloween

Get your windows Halloween ready

It’s that time of the year again, where we put away our summer decorations and bring out all things spooky. As people start to decorate their homes, we have to ask the question, how are you decorating your windows this year? Windows are usually thought of last when decorating, but let it be known that a great decorated window can boost your decorating rating from a 10 to a solid 20. Here are some fun Halloween decorations we recommend for your windows this year.


Dust off the Cobwebs and Skeletons

skeleton and cobweb Halloween decorations

Cobwebs and skeletons, a classic pair that can really spruce up your windows for Halloween. Create a cobweb illusion by spreading them all over your windows or on the sides of your windows. Then grab some different sized skeletons to place on your window sill. You can make the skeletons scary or funny. Either way, you’ll look like a house that hasn’t been dusted in ages!


Pick up a Creepy Doll or Two

creepy dolls in windows

If you really want to scare the neighborhood, grab some creepy-looking dolls. With stories about Annabelle and Robert the Doll, you can’t go wrong! Place one huge doll, or a few small dolls, around the windows. You can use a background for them or simply place them in the window. Make it as creepy as you want. 


Carve out Some Jack-o-Lanterns and add Bats

jack-o-lanterns and bats in the window

Jack-o-lanterns and bats are classic Halloween decorations and are great to display on your windows. Place your Jack’s inside or outside and create different faces for each. Then grab some bats, or make your own, and stick them on the window for an ageless window appearance. This is also a great window idea for both the spooky and the spoopy. 


Put Some Ghosts in their Place

spooky ghosts in the windows

Whether it’s small ghosts that stick on your glass or bigger ghosts that hang from the windows, ghosts are always a must. Place ghosts all around your window, with light cobwebs sticking around. You might also want to use purple, green or orange lights to make them take effect. 


Got some Ideas?


Now that you have some ideas, go forth and conquer Halloween! In need of some more permanent window decor options? Let ABC help you today! We specialize in everything from decorating your windows to creating bedding and patios exactly how you picture it. 


The Best Window Treatments for Every Room

window treatments

Window treatments create a combination of style and purpose. They make a statement in your home while also performing a specific function. The function of your window treatment depends on each individual room and its needs. 


The Living Room 


The living room is typically the first room people see when they step into your home. This is also the place people spend the most time in their home. For the living room, you want to make a statement, but you also want that comfortability. Here are the window treatments we suggest adding to your living room:

  • Roman Shades: These are beautifully aesthetic and are easy to fit in with any of your in-season decor. They provide natural light while also adding privacy from those nosey neighbors.
  • Shutters: Interior shutters are a timeless window treatment that adds a distinct wow factor to your living room. They create a bold statement for inside and outside of the home. Shutters additionally block light as well as the Texas heat.
  • Drapes: Drapes add a layer of elegance to any living room. They are a dramatic and eye-catching statement piece that’ll surely grab your guests’ attention. Drapes are incredibly effective at blocking light and additionally give your living room privacy. 


The Bedrooms


Your bedrooms need light control and privacy. You’ll want some natural light peeking out, but you also don’t want the room to feel like an oven. Your personality is also reflected in a different way than in the rest of the home. A bedroom is a place of comfort, calm, and refuge. Your choice of window treatments should reflect this. 


  • Cellular Shades: If any of your bedroom windows are facing the sun during the day, you’ll need a temperature-controlled window treatment. Cellular shades come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can have a beautiful-looking piece while also having a cool and calm feeling room. 
  • Roman Shades: These shades create a stylistic border to your bedroom window while blocking out that sun and heat. They also add to privacy, especially if your window is street-facing. 
  • Lined Drapes: These drapes are a great option for noise and light control. The addition of the liner is what blocks noise and adds a layer of insulation.  You can also customize your lined drapes to fit each bedroom’s personality. 

The Dining Room


The dining room is a place to gather and celebrate different occasions. Use this space as a  place for bold statements and elegance. You’ll also want to consider the direction of the sunlight when you’re in the dining room, usually in the evening. 

  • Panels: Side panels add instant elegance to your dining room. They also frame your windows to allow natural light to trickle in, but not be over the top. You can also add panels as an extra layer to your existing window treatment for pizazz. 
  • Wooden Blinds: These add an elevated style to your dining room. We have a variety of colors and styles of wooden blinds to choose from that’ll match the theme of your dining room perfectly. 

The Kitchen

The windows in kitchens are all about that natural lighting. People don’t want to cook in the dark, they want to see all the colors illuminate for their Instagram worthy dish. Kitchen window treatments should frame your windows without blocking light. 

  • Curtains: Curtains can come in all different shades and sizes to fit your kitchen aesthetic and the size of your kitchen windows. They are also versatile for light control. Curtains can let in as much or little light as you desire. 
  • Sheer Shades: Sheer shades bring filtered light into your kitchen. If your kitchen gets harsh afternoon sun, sheer shades are a great way to soften the natural light. 

Window treatments play a bigger part in your rooms than you may have thought. They add charm to any space and allow for privacy after a long day. They also help with light and heat control, thus saving energy as well. 

If you’re inspired to brighten, or darken, up your space, fill out ABC’s free consultation form and we’ll be right there to help!


Benefits of Solar Screens

Solar Screens

Solar screens may not be the first thing you think of when figuring out what to do with your home, but they might be after you read this. Studies show solar screens, both indoor and outdoor, are the most cost-effective way of controlling heat entering through your windows. For sun-facing windows, large windowed homes, and homes with many windows, solar screens are a lifesaver for you.


Besides controlling heat, they also alleviate stress on your air conditioner and require less maintenance. Solar screens do this by blocking out UV rays that transmit heat through your windows. Need we say more? 


Here are all the benefits from ABC’s exterior and interior solar screens:


  • Have up to 10% UV blockage
  • Saves up to 35% on air conditioning consumption
  • Reduces household temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees
  • Flame and fade resistant
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Protects against fading of your drapes, rugs, and carpets
  • Custom-fit for your windows
  • Add enhanced value to your home
  • Feels 15% cooler in your home
  • Custom colors to match the exterior or interior of your home
  • Reduces glare in rooms with reflective services i.e. TVs & picture frames
  • Ability to motorize your shades instead of manual


Give your home or business a sleek and modern look while saving money by lowering your energy bills. Ready to feel cool before the heatwave? Let’s get started!


How to Set Up Picture-Perfect Window Boxes

Window boxes decorated with flowers and plants

Spring is here, which means it’s time for an end to the cold, grey weather we’ve been seeing so much of lately! Take the opportunity to dress up the exterior of your home by adding a splash of brightness and color with window boxes full of flowers and herbs! Here are a few tips to help you get started:  

Set up your window boxes

It’s important to choose your location and boxes carefully to ensure that your plants will grow to their full potential:

  • Pick windows that receive an appropriate (and equal!) amount of sun or shade, depending on the requirements for the plants that you select.
  • Ensure that the boxes are well-made and securely attached to the side of your house with brackets– they become heavy when filled! 
  • Choose a material that won’t rot or rust when exposed to moisture, and ensure that there are adequate holes for drainage

Pick the right plants

When it comes to selecting plants for your window boxes, remember the three key elements:

  • Thrillers: Standout plants that grab the eye and dictate the rest of the design
  • Spillers: Trailing plants that flow over the edges of the box to soften the look
  • Fillers: Understated plants that fill in blank spaces; can be greens or smaller flowers

Balance these three types of plants to fill your boxes with a mix of interesting visual and textural elements!

Consider your design

Finally, remember some basic principles of design to ensure that your boxes are creative, unique, and pleasing to the eye:

  • Keep it balanced: Your window boxes don’t necessarily have to be identical, but use similar shapes and colors to avoid a look that’s too jarring
  • Play with texture: Use a variety of flowers, greens, and herbs to create movement and contrast and avoid an appearance that’s too uniform
  • Use your surroundings: Keep the colors of your house, yard, and other environmental factors in mind when choosing plants to craft a window box that blends harmoniously with its surroundings

Looking for exterior window treatments that go with your brand new floral boxes? Give us a call at (512) 459-6561 to set up a consultation today!

Product Highlight: Tableaux Decorative Grilles

tableaux decorative grilles

Does your house have an architectural quirk that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Whether you want it to blend in or make it stand out, we have the perfect solution: decorative grilles from Tableaux! These beautiful pieces can be used in a variety of ways: window treatments, wall and ceiling decor, room dividers, architectural features, and more.

Every grille is custom-made, so you can rest assured that it will fit your home and personal taste seamlessly. Choose from a vast gallery of pre-designed patterns, send in your own, or discuss your preferences with Tableaux and they’ll create one from scratch! The grilles also come in a variety of materials, including:

Faux Iron

Iron-like material offering the look of classic wrought iron without the weight or expense


Recycled wood panels layered with hardwood walnut veneer for a more rustic look


Synthetic wood with a smoother finish; can be painted to appear metal-like


Includes both wood reinforced with metal support or framing and grilles made entirely from steel or aluminum alloy

Each piece is made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials and impervious to water, rot, and termites. They’re easy to maintain, too– all you need to do dust or clean them as you see fit!

At ABC we pride ourselves on providing customers with the most extensive selection of window design solutions in Austin, which is why we’re so excited to partner with Tableaux and offer even more amazing design options for your home. Interested in what you’ve seen so far? Give us a call at (512) 459-6561 to schedule your consultation today!

5 Ways to Update Draperies for Fall


We love draperies for the elegance and versatility they bring to any room. As summer begins to fade away and fall approaches, here are five quick ways to update your curtains for the upcoming season:


Opt for velvet or a heavier fabric to add a luxuriously warm and cozy feel to any room.

Color palette

Pair warm, earthy shades with bold jewel tones.


Update your curtain rod and other hardware in a warm metallic shade like gold or brass, or opt for a matte black that looks stylish all year round!


Finials (the ends of curtain rods) and tiebacks can both be a quick way to update the look of your window treatment! Play with color and texture to provide a fun contrast from the fabric of your curtains.


If all else fails, just give your drapes a thorough cleaning to have them looking good as new! Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you’re treating the fabric correctly.

Are you ready to give your draperies an autumn makeover? Give us a call at (512) 459-6561 to set up your consultation today!

7 Window Treatment Trends of 2020

window treatment trends

At ABC, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most modern window treatment on the market. This new decade has already introduced some of the most stylish looks yet! Here are some of the top trends we’ve noticed for window coverings this year:   

Smart windows

More and more people are choosing to fit their homes with smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home, Ring doorbells, and lights and AC systems that can be controlled from anywhere through an app. This year, we’re seeing more and more windows join the party as homeowners opt for window coverings that automatically raise and lower throughout the day. These windows can be controlled by voice via smart home assistants or through an app. 


In the past, colorful window treatments have been limited to curtains and drapes. Lately, however, shades have been getting a rainbow makeover! Opt for muted pastel shades if you still want them to be relatively neutral or go for a bold jewel tone to truly let your windows stand out.  


Color is not the only pop you can add to your home windows. Window treatments made with printed fabric can really pull a room together. Window treatment patterns range from classic and sophisticate to modern and bold. At ABC we have over 1,000 fabric swatches to choose from! We guarantee we have one that will help you add a little more of your personality to your home.  

Ethical craftsmanship

Homeowners are making an attempt to live greener and support more responsible practices. Window coverings made sustainably and from organic materials have grown in popularity as consumers do more research on their own to ensure they support companies whose values match their own.


Metal hardware has been one of the hottest trends in interior design in recent years, and for good reason! It’s sleek and modern but can add a touch of glamour when using a gold or bronze finish. By opting for metallic drapery hardware and rod finials (AKA the decorative ends of a curtain rod), you can easily bring your windows in on this trend! 

Neutral & natural

Warm earth tones are coming back into fashion after a few years of being overlooked for cool-toned neutrals. Natural wood shades are also seeing a surge of popularity for those who prefer a minimalist style– matching your window coverings to your wood floor or furniture provides a simple, clean look when paired with pristine white walls.


Dislike the look of tangled pull cords? You’re not alone! Cordless drapes and shades have all risen in popularity recently, as well as shutters and cordless blinds. This sleek look is popular for another reason too: it’s safer for anyone with small children or pets to simply avoid hanging cords altogether.

Did any of these trends catch your eye? Give us a call at (512) 459-6561 to set up a consultation today and let us help you with your window treatment and any other visions you have today!

A Breakdown of The 12 Types of Window Coverings on the Market Right Now!

different kinds of blinds

So you are in the market for new window blinds or shades, huh? When you’re starting out, all the options can feel very confusing and overwhelming. To help you, our experts have broken down the large variety of window coverings for you. We hope this article helps you get a clear idea of what you are looking for in your newest home addition.

cellular shades

1. Cellular Shades

These have 3D honeycomb-shaped cells that are filled with air and help insulate your home from outdoor temperature transfer. These are a great option for people looking for energy savings.

Alternating blinds

2. Layered Shades

Layered Shades feature a double layer of fabric that alternate between solid colored and opaque stripes. When the solid colored fabric aligns on both layers, the opaque fabric allows for light to be softly filtered through. These are a great option for people who desire a modern look. 

natural bamboo shades

3. Natural Shades

These are typically made of materials such as bamboo, reeds, jute, and grass. These earthy materials are woven together to give you a shade you can roll up and down to achieve your desired amount of light. Natural Shades are great for people looking to achieve a private and relaxing ambiance.

pleated shades

4. Pleated Shades

These window coverings feature crisp folds of fabric that layer perfectly when the shade is pulled up. These are available in a variety of pleat sizes and fabric colors or patterns, which is why we recommend these to folks looking for a sophisticated and fashionable option.

tan roller shades

5. Roller Shades

They offer the sleekest and most seamless appearance of all the options. These shades feature a single panel of fabric that rolls up discreetly into its own casing. Roller Shades are offered in a variety of light filter options and fabrics. We recommend these to homeowners that really enjoy the look of their home without window covers, but are looking for something that can provide temporary privacy because roller shades are nearly undetectable when they’re not being used. 

roman shades

6. Roman Shades

Roman Shades are made of fabric and come in a variety of light-filtering and fabric design options. When you desire more light, these shades fold up into large pleats creating a simple, yet dramatic look for your windows. 

sheer shades

7. Sheer Shades

From afar, sheer shades look very similar to traditional blinds, but they are actually made of solid-colored fabric that lay flat in between 2 layers of sheer fabric. These shades faintly filter light when the fabric in between lays flat and when the fabrics are turned vertically they provide complete privacy. These add a soft, delicate touch to any room.

solar shades

8. Solar Shades

These are almost identical to roller shades except they are made with fabrics that block UV rays from entering the room. We recommend these to anyone that has a resident in the home with sensitivity to UV rays.

roman shades

9. Roman Shade

Roman Shades are made of fabric and come in a variety of light-filtering and fabric design options. When you desire more light, these shades fold up into large pleats creating a simple, yet dramatic look for your windows. 

sliding panels

10. Sliding Panels

These are offered in solar, roller, natural, and even roman shade styles, but they are made to retract and extend horizontally, rather than vertically like the majority of shades do. We recommend these to people looking for a solution to a large balcony sliding door or a tall vertical window.   


11. Traditional Blinds

This tradition window covering comes in a variety of textures, colors, and materials. These are most often offered in materials such as wood, composite and faux wood, vinyl, and aluminum. 

green shutters

12. Shutters

Shutters provide a timeless, classical look to your home. Typically being offered in two materials, wood and composite wood, these are a more pricey window cover option, but they are definitely a great investment as they add value and warmth to your household.

Here at ABC Blind & Drapery, we offer all of these window covering solutions and can custom make fit them to any window. If you are in the market for blinds, you need the help of our experts! Give us a call for a free consultation! (512) 459-6561

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