4 Modern Drape Trends of 2021

Modern drape trends

We’re eight months into 2021, and we’re seeing some great drape trends coming out of this year when it comes to drapes. From earthy color tones to exotic patterns, the drapes coming out this year are down to earth and create a great ambiance. Here are some of the styles that have set the window dressing tone for 2021.


Earth Toned Colors

modern drapes

From off whites, to creams and stony greys, we have seen a rise in want for these colors. They’re comforting, welcoming and they fit in with a multitude of schemes. Whether your room is traditional or mid-century modern, earthy colors fit every decor style. They also complement bold, statement wall colors or pieces.


Nature-Inspired Patterns

nature drapes

Biophilic is all the buzz in 2021. Biophilic means creating a home connected to nature. Besides filling our homes with real plants, fake plants, and palm tree-leafed pillow patterns, people are wanting nature patterned drapes to match. Since windows are nearest the outside, it makes sense for this 2021 trend. 


Bold Statements

yellow curtains

The opposite of earth-toned, people on the other side of the interior design spectrum are looking for bold colored curtains or drapes to define their earth-toned paint.  Some bold drapes we’re seeing are blues, yellows, and greens. These colors scream classy and bold in whatever room you decide to hang these drapes in. 


Layered Sheer Look

layered drapes

Trendsetters out there have gone back to pairing sheer curtains with thick drapes. Not only does this enhance the look of a room, but adds decor as well as privacy. The thick drapes can open up, while the sheer curtains can keep cover and still bring in all that natural light. You get the best of both worlds. Then you can close the drapes at night to add privacy plus insulation. This layered sheer look adds style and function to your home


These are four modern drapes trends of 2021. Have any of these looks? Share with us on social by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Want to get your hands on the latest drape trends? ABC is here to help you customize your home and your style. Start your free consultation with us today!


Our Favorite Ways to Deck the Halls This Holiday Season

white flower wreath

There’s no place like the warmth and comfort of your own home during the holiday season. At ABC Blind & Drapery we want to help you add the perfect decorative touches, big and small, to your home to get the entire family in the holiday spirit. Below are our favorite ways to deck the halls this holiday season.

Pop of Red

Red is the color for the season. When you put a shade of red in any room, it’s magically transformed for the holidays. You can add beautiful red throw pillows to your couch, put out a festive red throw on your bed or place red hand towels in the bathroom. The holiday season doesn’t mean every room needs to be covered in seasonal prints, subtle hints placed throughout the house are a classic way to set the scene for the season.

Multiple Holiday Trees

The holiday tree is one of the most iconic ways to deck your halls. Why stop at one tree? If you have a large home with space for more, put up a few different themed trees. They can each have a fun personality of their own. Imagine your main tree decorated in all its glory, a tree decorated solely in one color, a tree decorated by the kids and/or a tree with special ornaments. Nothing is more festive than multiple Christmas trees!

Seasonal Scents

The scent may not be a decoration but it helps set a wonderful holiday scene. Enjoy the scent of baked goodies without even turning on the oven. Or let the smell of pine make its way around your home, bringing back warm holiday memories. You can light candles or melt scented wax for this effect.

Give Love To The Kitchen

Even though kitchens are referred to as the “heart of the home,” there’s never a lot of attention put to decorating them. Put a wreath or lights in the kitchen window, hang up some decorative dish towels, or put festive treats in the cookie jar. It’ll add class and beauty to one of the most important rooms in your home.

Light It Up

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior when it comes to decking the halls. Everyone dreads putting up holiday lights, but they’re so beautiful once the job is done. From the original C9 lights in your bushes to the blinking LED icicles along the front porch, every light brings a smile. You don’t have to go into Clark Griswold mode, unless you want to of course, just opt for the number of lights that spark joy for you. 

Holiday Wreaths

There are so many different types of holiday wreaths that it’s impossible to pick the best. You can go for one wreath, or decorate with multiple. You can place them over your fireplace, on doors, and in windows. Choose one with ribbons and accessories, ornaments, rustic plaids, or the classic green design. Wreaths always add a pop of festive elegance to your decor.

Fresh Florals

The holiday season without mistletoe is criminal. Go with some fresh winter floral arrangements around your home to bring out the spirit. You can put a beautiful arrangement on your dining room table with Parrot Tulips, branches of pine and berries, or whatever other seasonal florals you can find. You can also put an evergreen in a pot next to the front door for a classic touch.

Cards Galore

There’s nothing like receiving a Christmas card to make you feel loved. A way to boost this love is to hang these cards up and use them as decor. Put them in a place where everyone can see them. Or, if you don’t want to hang them up, make a little coffee table book with them by punching a hole through each, and binding them with twine. Share the love.

Start A Christmas Village

Your grandmother’s beautiful Christmas village started with one thing and grew to be a town. You can start your collection. Pick a piece that stands out to you and add to it each year. Loved ones can help you fill it up throughout the years and your children will enjoy watching it grow. 

Extra Ornaments

You probably have a small graveyard of ornaments that just didn’t make it on the tree this year. Instead of putting them away in a box, put them to use. You can place spare balls or bulks in clear decorative glasses or apothecary jars. Stack colorful ornaments in bowls for display. Mix them with pine cones and lights. If you want to make your window treatment, put garland around the top of your windowpane, and tie the extra ornaments to it with ribbon.


Let us help you find ways to deck your windows and bring out the best in your home through every season! Schedule your free consultation today!

5 Ways to Update Draperies for Fall


We love draperies for the elegance and versatility they bring to any room. As summer begins to fade away and fall approaches, here are five quick ways to update your curtains for the upcoming season:


Opt for velvet or a heavier fabric to add a luxuriously warm and cozy feel to any room.

Color palette

Pair warm, earthy shades with bold jewel tones.


Update your curtain rod and other hardware in a warm metallic shade like gold or brass, or opt for a matte black that looks stylish all year round!


Finials (the ends of curtain rods) and tiebacks can both be a quick way to update the look of your window treatment! Play with color and texture to provide a fun contrast from the fabric of your curtains.


If all else fails, just give your drapes a thorough cleaning to have them looking good as new! Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you’re treating the fabric correctly.

Are you ready to give your draperies an autumn makeover? Give us a call at (512) 459-6561 to set up your consultation today!

7 Window Treatment Trends of 2020

window treatment trends

At ABC, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most modern window treatment on the market. This new decade has already introduced some of the most stylish looks yet! Here are some of the top trends we’ve noticed for window coverings this year:   

Smart windows

More and more people are choosing to fit their homes with smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home, Ring doorbells, and lights and AC systems that can be controlled from anywhere through an app. This year, we’re seeing more and more windows join the party as homeowners opt for window coverings that automatically raise and lower throughout the day. These windows can be controlled by voice via smart home assistants or through an app. 


In the past, colorful window treatments have been limited to curtains and drapes. Lately, however, shades have been getting a rainbow makeover! Opt for muted pastel shades if you still want them to be relatively neutral or go for a bold jewel tone to truly let your windows stand out.  


Color is not the only pop you can add to your home windows. Window treatments made with printed fabric can really pull a room together. Window treatment patterns range from classic and sophisticate to modern and bold. At ABC we have over 1,000 fabric swatches to choose from! We guarantee we have one that will help you add a little more of your personality to your home.  

Ethical craftsmanship

Homeowners are making an attempt to live greener and support more responsible practices. Window coverings made sustainably and from organic materials have grown in popularity as consumers do more research on their own to ensure they support companies whose values match their own.


Metal hardware has been one of the hottest trends in interior design in recent years, and for good reason! It’s sleek and modern but can add a touch of glamour when using a gold or bronze finish. By opting for metallic drapery hardware and rod finials (AKA the decorative ends of a curtain rod), you can easily bring your windows in on this trend! 

Neutral & natural

Warm earth tones are coming back into fashion after a few years of being overlooked for cool-toned neutrals. Natural wood shades are also seeing a surge of popularity for those who prefer a minimalist style– matching your window coverings to your wood floor or furniture provides a simple, clean look when paired with pristine white walls.


Dislike the look of tangled pull cords? You’re not alone! Cordless drapes and shades have all risen in popularity recently, as well as shutters and cordless blinds. This sleek look is popular for another reason too: it’s safer for anyone with small children or pets to simply avoid hanging cords altogether.

Did any of these trends catch your eye? Give us a call at (512) 459-6561 to set up a consultation today and let us help you with your window treatment and any other visions you have today!

6 Window Treatments that Can Help Lower Your Energy Bills

window treatments

As Texans, we know better than anyone just how hot summers can get! Here at ABC, we offer a variety of window treatments that will fit your personal taste and take your windows to the next level– but did you know that the right one can also help you save money? Read on for some information on our favorite window solutions and how they can lower your energy bill if used effectively:


The simplest and most effective way to save energy is by installing shades. If properly mounted close to the window and adjacent wall, shades create a seal that traps hot air and prevents heat loss and gain. Opting for a dual sided shade with a darker and lighter side will also increase functionality, allowing you to flip the shades to retain or dispel heat as the weather changes. This treatment is incredibly versatile overall: shades come in a variety of colors, sizes, and fabrics.


Reflective blinds, especially those that are white or another light color, have been proven to reduce solar heat gain. This option is effective for both the interiors and exterior of your home. Blinds allow you to be flexible with light, ventilation, and privacy.


Drapes, like shades, can be incredibly effective at retaining and dispelling heat if mounted properly. The material and color of your fabric will play a key role in keeping warm air in during the winter and out during the summer.

Awnings & Roof Overhangs

Awnings and roof overhangs are both great choices to elevate your backyard space and beat the heat during the summer months! These options are proven to significantly reduce solar heat, while also trapping heat during the winter. This action helps warm the interior of your home. Work with a professional to determine which option is right for your house.

High Reflectivity Film

If you live in an area with short winters, high reflectivity film can be a great solution for large windows! This reflective covering keeps heat out of your home all year long, especially when using an option that is more opaque and mirror-like. 

Mesh Screens

Though it may seem unlikely, mesh screens actually work to dispel heat by diffusing solar radiation. This option is best used on exteriors, and is a great choice for any large windows or glass doors that receive lots of light.

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