We know that it’s crucial to read the tag on clothing for proper washing instructions, but are you giving the same attention to your bedding? We share the best way to care for your bedding to ensure that it holds its value (and softness) for the longest time possible.

At ABC Blind & Drapery, we offer high-end bedding through Eastern Accents. Their products are of impeccable quality – both in design and comfort. In order to preserve the fabric, Eastern Accents marks each product according to its cleaning code. Several Eastern Accents products require professional cleaning due to varying fabric and trimming contents. Specifically their line of duvet covers, coverlets, pillows, table runners, curtain panels, and ottomans. Whatever the brand, we recommend that you first look to the tag and/or the product website for specific cleaning instructions before referencing general guidelines.

In terms of general guidelines, it’s important to note that caring for down comforters and pillows is tricky business. Down products can’t simply be tossed in the washing machine with your sheets, as they are susceptible to damage via the agitator in top loading washing machines and residential dryers aren’t strong enough to toss the heavy fabric and dry it evenly. However, if you want to avoid paying to have these items dry cleaned, but don’t own a front-loading washing machine or commercial dryer — take them to the laundromat! Your down comforter and pillows require a front-loading washer and a spacious dryer, both which can be found at your local laundromat. This Apartment Therapy article provides a step-by-step guide to safely & inexpensively washing your down comforter at the laundromat.

Sheets should be changed once a week and can be washed according to its fabric in most cases. For example, cotton sheets can withstand hot water whereas polyester is best washed in warm water and silk sheets require cold water. No matter the fabric, use a mild detergent and separate according to color to avoid bleeding. As for drying, hanging to dry is the optimal solution. Avoid direct sunlight, which can cause the color to fade! If you don’t have space or the time to air-dry, use a low or “air” setting to tumble dry.

Caring for your bedding according to its cleaning code may be a bit of a hassle – but it’s the best way to guarantee that your bedding looks as good and feels as soft as the day you purchased it!  If you’re interested in upgrading your bedding, give us a call! We’re happy to talk all about fabrics and the proper way to care for each.