One of the new trends we keep coming across is bold colored walls paired with a patterned window treatment. This trend is increasingly popular as a new, modern design that goes against everything we were taught about clashing too many colors or bright patterns together, and we love it!

While at first, this style may seem a little too “in your face” to some, when the right color wall is paired with a complementary patterned window treatment, it can end up making your entire room more fun and inviting while still having a cool, pleasant appeal.

We even offer custom upholstery to match your window treatments if you want to coordinate the whole room! You can pair a brightly colored wall, with your choice of custom window treatment and match that to some custom pillows as seen in the photo below.

These adorable bird patterned pillows and draperies would look great with a splash of color paired with them!

To give you a little inspiration, ABC compiled a Pinterest board with examples of this new trend to kickstart your creative process. To browse Pinterest for ideas, click here

Are you ready for a bold new change? Contact us today and we will help brighten up your house with our custom made window treatments and upholstery!