Earlier this year we wrote about the motorized window treatments trend in 2016. This is a fantastic convenience for Austin homes, especially the ones with walls of windows that showcase sprawling views of the lake or Texas Hill Country. Another great reason to invest in motorized window coverings is because they make hard-to-reach windows useful again.

No matter how perfectly your home is designed, chances are you have at least one of those if not more. The “if-only-I-could-reach-that” windows, especially on the second floor of a two story great room or game room, which is a very common floor plan in Texas.

We were just chatting about two story window treatment options on our blog in April, because it’s a common challenge for Austin homeowners. And now that the hot summer sun will settle in soon, it’s a great time to think about window solutions.

Today we’re going to combine this topic duo – motorized window treatment and two story windows – with wonderful results! That’s because motorized window treatments are the ideal solution for two-story windows.

The benefits of motorized window treatments are numerous:

  • Motorized window coverings at ABC Blind & Drapery include draperies, roller shades, horizontal blinds, sheer horizontal shades, pleated/cellular shades and roman/woven shades.
  • Motorized window coverings eliminate traditional cords or wands
  • Motorized window treatments work seamlessly with sensors, motors and easy-to-use whisper-quiet controls.
  • They automatically adjust to your personal settings to control light and shade.
  • Motorized window coverings protect against UV rays. Did you know? 60% of UV rays occur between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. each day!

The perfect two story solution

We know Austinites love their two story windows! That’s why we want to help our customers make the most of them, not neglect or “tolerate” them. Second story windows tend to become problematic during the summer months. Depending on how your home is situated (whether it’s east- or west-facing), you may be soaking up too many harsh rays. This makes it difficult to keep your house cool.

Even during the winter months, some homes get a harsh glare from the sunlight through their second story windows that can fade paint, furniture or wallpaper. Plus, a harsh glare just isn’t ideal lighting.

When your windows are very high, a motorized shade can help maximize functionality. Now your beautiful tall windows make sense! They can typically be operated with a remote or a wall switch. They can also be set with timers, so you can program them to open or close and control natural light with ease.

Last week, we posted a video of one of our customer’s homes who treated a very common window issue with a motorized shade – a high window over the front entry. Again, another common design element in Austin homes. As you can see, now this customer can control the amount of natural light coming into their home with the touch of a button. You can see the video here!

Thanks to technology, you can enhance the value of your home and fully enjoy all of your windows with motorized window treatments. If you’d like to chat with us about how we can make these marvelous window coverings work for you, please give us a call or request a consultation online!