Solar screens may not be the first thing you think of when figuring out what to do with your home, but they might be after you read this. Studies show solar screens, both indoor and outdoor, are the most cost-effective way of controlling heat entering through your windows. For sun-facing windows, large windowed homes, and homes with many windows, solar screens are a lifesaver for you.


Besides controlling heat, they also alleviate stress on your air conditioner and require less maintenance. Solar screens do this by blocking out UV rays that transmit heat through your windows. Need we say more? 


Here are all the benefits from ABC’s exterior and interior solar screens:


  • Have up to 10% UV blockage
  • Saves up to 35% on air conditioning consumption
  • Reduces household temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees
  • Flame and fade resistant
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Protects against fading of your drapes, rugs, and carpets
  • Custom-fit for your windows
  • Add enhanced value to your home
  • Feels 15% cooler in your home
  • Custom colors to match the exterior or interior of your home
  • Reduces glare in rooms with reflective services i.e. TVs & picture frames
  • Ability to motorize your shades instead of manual


Give your home or business a sleek and modern look while saving money by lowering your energy bills. Ready to feel cool before the heatwave? Let’s get started!