Finding bedroom window coverings that are stylish and functional is a common struggle. In this case, functional means to allow light in during the day and block it out at night. ABC Blind and Drapery has several solutions that allow you to control the amount of light you let in, as the majority of our products are available in a variety of light filtering and room darkening fabrics.

If you have been searching for classic drapes for the bedroom, you have probably noticed that they are often either sheer and that the “black-out curtains” come in dark colors like black and maroon. Cheap, floor length black curtains are not the only solution to getting a great night’s sleep! Not to mention, they often remain closed throughout the day because they aren’t easy to pull back and are just an all-around hassle. Believe it or not, at ABC Blind and Drapery, drapes are our specialty! We can easily install lined drapes that are simple to operate and allow you to combine a sheer lined drape for the daytime and a room darkening drape to pull closed at the end of the day.

Another popular bedroom window coverings are Roman Shades, which combine the soft elegance of drapery with the practicality of a roller shade. We present our customers with an array of color and pattern options — no need to settle for something you can learn to live with! You also have the option between a fabric that transmits a soft glow or a room-darkening option that will block out light altogether.

A modern and practical solution would be Roller Shades, which look especially great if you have two or more tall window frames along a wall. This product also gives you the option to what degree you want light-filtered or your room darkened and is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist style. During the day, you can easily pull the shades up and let in natural light and roll them back down when it’s time to sleep!

You don’t have to settle for a bedroom that blocks out light, but has no style. And you certainly shouldn’t have to sacrifice sleep for style! At ABC Blind & Drapery, we help you create the look you’ve always wanted: a fantastic looking bedroom that you can enjoy both in the day and night.