Measuring Instructions

No single aspect of the window coverings impacts affects your satisfaction more than measuring. Accurate measurements are essential! If you do not feel completely confident taking your own measurements, please take advantage of our in-home consultation. Call 512-459-6561 or email us to arrange for an appointment. Things to Remember: Use a steel tape for accuracy… Read More >

Cleaning Instructions

We recommend that you use an ordinary soft dusting cloth to clean your blind. Vacuuming is also a good way to clean your blind. The surface of the slats on your blind is quite smooth and dust will easily brush off if your blinds are dusted regularly. Making time for dusting now can save you… Read More >

Child Safety

Children Can Strangle on Curtain and Blind Cords Curtain and blind cords can be a real danger to babies and young children. Children have been strangled when they got caught in curtain or blind cords. Most victims were under the age of 3. Fortunately, child safety is something that the window coverings industry has seriously addressed… Read More >