Are DIY blinds (do it yourself blinds) a viable alternative to professional blinds? When hiring a professional service of any kind, you are trusting that the company’s expertise will produce a higher quality result than if you were to do it yourself. While we often share home hacks and ways to handle certain projects yourself, there are some things better left to the professionals, specifically — window treatments. Here are three aspects of window treatments that differentiate ABC Blind & Drapery from D.I.Y. window treatments.

quality material

Once the type of window treatment is chosen, there are typically materials, fabrics, and colors to be discussed with your designer. When choosing textiles for draperies, clients are shown over 20 lines of fabric, as well as given the option to customize the pattern. Professionally designed draperies are always made using quality fabric and are available in designs and colors that are hard to come by elsewhere. There is then the option between sheer, insulated, lined (natural or black-out), and unlined. Draperies aren’t the only type of window treatment that allows you to dive into the details. On our products page, each window treatment has a section dedicated to the “customization options”. These are often not available for DIY blinds and draperies.

made to order

Professionally designed window treatments are made specifically for the dimensions of the space. Like some DIY blinds and draperies, there will be no awkward bunching, even if the window is of a unique shape. When choosing a window treatment yourself, it can be difficult to understand where the rod needs to be placed and what length of drapery will look best. Treatments such as shutters are even more intimidating, with the fear that what was ordered won’t fit quite right. This causes homeowners to opt for simple draperies rather than the window treatment that they really want. We’ll make sure you’re receiving the treatment that is best for your preferences, the window type, and the purpose of the room. We even take it up a notch by offering customized fabrics that make any room look as if it were professionally decorated.

easy to operate

Anyone who has tried to pull up mini blinds knows that it can be incredibly frustrating, especially when the blinds refuse to cooperate. This results in never touching them and possibly forgoing fresh air or a great view. At ABC Blind & Drapery, all of our window treatments are installed correctly and function properly. Whether you choose a manual or motorized window treatment, a member of our installation team will demonstrate how to open and close the treatment with ease. In the case that the treatment is damaged and giving you trouble, we make repairs in-store and also offer a turn key repair service for those who would like their treatments picked up and re-installed.

We offer an array of window treatments that are all guaranteed to be of a quality material, made to fit your specifications, and function properly. Save yourself the trouble and visit our showroom so that we can demonstrate why homeowners prefer to work with ABC Blind & Drapery.