Are you a fan of the outdoors? Have you been wanting to add natural decor to your home for a while now? We are here to help! Below, we’ve gathered our favorite ways to blend natural decor into your home with the use of these four design tips.

raw materials

The first way to start blending natural decor into your home is through the use of raw materials. We recommend buying home items such as a handmade wood table or an accent stone wall to add to your home for a more natural feel. The use of these natural materials will bring the feeling of outdoors inside with you. If you’re feeling especially outgoing, a wonderful way to add natural decor is by implementing a water feature inside your home! The sound of running water and the look of a natural stone water feature is sure to calm you at the end of a long day.

window treatments

This may seem odd to you, but window treatments are actually a great way to blend natural decor into your space! Whether it’s sheer curtains to allow more natural sunlight in or natural woven shades to increase your use of raw materials, with the right window treatments your home is sure to have a more natural feel.


An easy and affordable way to add natural decor into your home is with the use of actual nature! Get your green thumb ready and head over to the closest nursery to pick out some bright and luscious plants for your home. If you’re looking for plants that can easily survive the Texas heat and make good house plants, we highly recommend cacti, succulents or pothos ivy!

sustainable art + furniture

Lastly, incorporating sustainable art and furniture into your home is a great way to include natural decor and give back to your local community. Whether it’s recycled art or just art that portrays a beautiful nature spot, you’ll be surrounded by things that remind you of the great outdoors! Also, if you have a furniture piece you already like but it’s a little worn, we offer upholstery services at ABC and would happily refresh your furniture for you!

Now that you know four fantastic ways to blend natural decor into your home, it’s time to get designing! We hope you found this article helpful and if you’re looking for new window treatments or upholstery services, we’d love if you contact us at ABC Blind & Drapery.