Child Safety and Window Treatments

This week is National Childhood Injury Prevention Week, so we wanted to give you some ideas on precautions to take with your window treatments and tell you about alternative cordless options that can minimize window treatment safety issues with children. Precautions If you already have window treatments with cords or prefer them to cordless options,… Read More >

Pet-Proof Window Treatments

Any homeowner with pets knows that with your new best friend comes a number of things to be considered, and certain sacrifices to be made. Whether you own a cat or a dog, you have to ask yourself, “can they get into this?” or something along those lines before bringing any new pets into your… Read More >

Halloween Safety Tips for the Home

Halloween in Austin: Are You Trick-Or-Treat Ready? It’s hard to believe Halloween is already here! Especially in this hot & sunny Austin weather. Trick-or-treaters will soon arrive at your door in cute, funny and spooky costumes and voila! – all of those bags of candy will quickly disappear. There are a few easy halloween safety… Read More >

Child Safety

Children Can Strangle on Curtain and Blind Cords Curtain and blind cords can be a real danger to babies and young children. Children have been strangled when they got caught in curtain or blind cords. Most victims were under the age of 3. Fortunately, child safety is something that the window coverings industry has seriously addressed… Read More >